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June 23, 2009


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Michael Sporer

Great presentation, Garr! I'll be watching that one again.

I used the beginner's mind in a presentation I did as board president of a disability organization. I did so to emphasize "possibility". Along with a simple graphic of a child and his dad floating a toy sailboat in the water, the beginners mind halped scope out the organizational mission. I also tried to use pictures to explain independent living. It was fun, and got the point across.

Carl Pullein

That was a great presentation Garr. Thanks for the inspiration

Jan Schultink

Garr, a question, how do you stay connected to 6,000 eyes?


Absolutely - simple and simplistic are not the same thing at all. My dictionary defines simplistic as 'treating complex issues and problems as simpler than they are' - in other words, it's no compliment. It always amuses me to see designers and manufacturers advertise a product as 'simplistic' - why would you buy it?!

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