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June 01, 2009


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John Bristowe

Fraser Davidson's portfolio is a great example of demonstrating "impact" with text, imagery, and sound. His latest work - from three days ago - is here:

Alternative Rugby Commentary - The ELVs

(Warning, NSFW due to language.)

Go All Blacks! :)


There's a TV campaign running for the Ford F-150 truck here in Canada that uses BOLD TYPE and Dennis Leary's voice to similar effect.

Frode R Helgesen

I find the two examples above (The ELVs and Ford) much harder to comprehend. I think it could be that they both show the text while a narrator says them. This confuses me a bit, as I read in i different tempo. Also the ELVs one the types used were harder to get. So listening and reading simultaneously makes it harder for me.

I should maybe mention that English is not my first language, as that could make it harder of course. But I think I experience the same in Norwegian presentations.


Referring to the slides: in actual English, the question would read: "What if the store were just a 5 minute walk?" Were, not was, since "if" obviously signals a conditional, not a past.

And not less Parking Garages, but *fewer* Parking Garages. Parking garages are clearly discrete and enumerable, not continuously dispensable. Thus in English this is fewer, not less.

(I'm assuming that the presentation was meant to be in English--my apologies if not.)

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