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June 17, 2009


Tristan Harris

Garr, great post. I totally agree.

We started Apture to generate empathy via richer web communication, and I wrote a post using the same concepts of Mirror Neurons as applied to gaining empathy with an audience to produce social action.

Would love to hear what you think:

CEO, Apture (www.apture.com)

Milan Davidovic

For more discussion of mirror neurons:



Glad to hear you guys had fun! Tivoli is a wonderful place, for the elements you mention, and because they're able to blend the sites and sounds of an amusement park with the calm and serenity of a botanical garden.

It was great to meet you at Business to Buttons - all the best in your future travels (meet you by the cheering section of the Hanshin Tigers?)

Director of UX, Manifest Digital

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