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September 14, 2009


Jim Dickeson


My wife and I share a little joke about squid arranging (ikabana). Seriously, though, ikebana is a wonderful analogy to presentation design. Thank you.

I would add that half of presentation is the spoken word, and empty space in the form of a well-planned pause can be very effective, to allow an idea sink in, or to clear the listeners' minds for what is next.

Richard McMahon


Thank you for the way you've incorporated ikebana into lessons for life/creativity/presentation.

As a student of zen being, I've learned ikebana here in Japan for over 12 years and practiced much longer. It speaks to everything in my life.

Leaves are the words, flowers the art, and space...the Infinite.

We may just find our merging with Nature in the space of an arrangement by participating in it.

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