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October 29, 2009



Hi Garr,

I did not know about the Presentation Zen DVD, and now of course I want to have it. Do you know if there are plans for a Region 2 DVD (for the European market)? Most DVD players over here cannot read Region 1 DVDs, and there is so much proselytizing to be done! ;-)

Other than that, I find it hard to describe the enormous influence Presentation Zen has had on my presentations (and documents). Thank you!

guillermo varela

Hi Garr!!! I`ve visited the link to Pearson Educación, and I'm buying your book now! ;-)
If you go to the Pearson web, click on your link, I think y wrong!! Great book, bye!


Michael -- I do not think (but am not sure) it has region restrictions (though there are shipping restrictions). There is just one DVD and it works fine in Japan (where others from abroad do not). It should work in any computer for sure.

Thanks very much for the kind words :-) -g

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