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December 23, 2009


Jérôme Cukier

Just in time for Christmas!
I can't recommend Stephen Few's book highly enough, although I'd avise people not familiar with his work to start with his first book, "show me the numbers."
I use colour palettes designed by Maureen Stone all the time. The right palette can really improve your display tremendously, whether it's a presentation, a web site, a report or anything visual.
If I may I'd add to your list "the elements of typographic style" by Robert Bringhurst, who is to typography what Maureen Stone is to color. The book is both simple and informative.

Joe Oviedo

Hi Garr! Happy Holidays to you and all your family and friends. About the list, 3 of the books in the list are in my must buy list for 2010! I'm not that off track..

Jessica Pyne

Thanks for the list - I think it's a great idea to think outside of the box in terms of design and communication. There are so many different factors to consider when preparing a presentation, and the quality of PowerPoint design is only one of them!

Presentations Training

I like the Jerry Weisman books as well. Thanks for these. I will have to look them up!

Justin O'Brien

Thanks Garr, invaluable references and insight as always. Whenever I am talking to clients I recommend three books, yours, Slide:ology and Andrew Abela’s Advanced Presentation by Design. This text is a bible for presenters whether they are doing ballroom or conference room type presentations. The Extreme Presentation Method outlined in this text appeals to me as it is empirically research and used with clients like Microsoft, Dell and ebay. I first heard of it when listening to Nancy Duarte’s review and later came across Olivia Mitchell’s reference to it. Garr, I strongly recommend it as a must read for you in 2010. Thanks again Regards Justin

Tom Hood


Thanks for sharing. Your book has completely changed my presentation style, making it much more effective and inspiring (based on audience evaluations)!

Gianfranco Chicco

I see we share many books and you have given me some new ones to explore. ありがとうございますね!

ps: looking forward to reading Presentation Zen Design soon!


Garr, Amazon advised your new book has shipped! Looking forward to receiving it.
Happy New Year!



Great list Garr.

I know you've listed it in the column on the right, but William Lidwell's "Universal Principles of Design" truly helped improve my approach to presentation design. We know a number of the principles of design but he goes in depth to truly explain them in a way that everyone can understand.

Presentations Training

Loved this book list! Going to Amazon now!


As of today, Few's book is not available anywhere I've looked online. Here's hoping the publisher meets the demand.

Masafumi Otsuka

Just finished reading three in your recommended book list. Totally inspired by "If you want to write." Can't believe it was written in the 30s. Easy to read filled with inspiring stories. This is certainly the best book I've read in the past year.

Now, I'm ready to read "presentationzen DESIGN," which is right in front of me.


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