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February 11, 2010



Another excellent book from Garr and a great follow-on from PZ. I enjoyed the book and looking fwd to trying to use some of the techniques and concepts in my future presentations... :-)


we should be the ones to write thank you notes. I was happy to see OECD data in many of your examples! I wish someday OECD will use Presentation Zen principles just as much!

mary anne

I am a teacher. I teach kids who have failed at reading for so long they shuffle through school hallways trying to be invisible. I stumbled on your work by complete accident looking to breathe new life into my teaching. I now take pictures in my classroom everyday and then transform lessons and powerpoint-aided explicit teaching using them. The difference is amazing! A change of font, a more visual approach, a "hey that's me!" It is working--at least for now!
mary anne


Thanks, guys. Very nice to hear. Yes, I love OECD data -- lot's of useful stuff in there for sure. I am addicted ;-) -g


Hi Garr:

Loved your sessions at Reboot last March. Just finishing the last chapter of PresentationZen Design. An amazing book - full of inspiration - not sure how you topped your first book - but you did!

Plan on buying many copies and sharing freely!


Natalie from Toronto


Congratulations, Garr! It is safe to say things will change drastically in 3-4 weeks. However, I think you will find all your notions of simplifying things and being mindful of the present will serve you well in your new role. Just remember–Sleep is overrated; Even though you will want to, don't actually catch the puke; and, the most important thing you can tell your child is "I'm sorry."

Love your books, looking forward to the next one.

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