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April 11, 2010



Wow, timely! I'm in the middle of creating a wireless security presentation and this post just made me rethinking the way I am talking about antennas. I'm now strongly leaning towards scrapping a few boring slides for a simple demonstration using balloons (yes, real balloons).

Thanks for the timely reminder to keep things simple!


Yes please. I'll get on a train down from the so sunny Cotswolds to see newdadGarr.


Be delighted if you could make it to London - be nice to be able to show that the UK can do a throng just as well as Japan!


Thanks for simple but great ideas




Couldn't agree more and that was the exactly subject of a post on my blog, too, just a few days ago. Great books by the Heath brothers.

Laurie Bartels

Am sure I'm not alone in wishing you could present in a NYC Apple Store!!!

Productive Porcupine

London would be great. Is there anywhere we can go to let apple know we'd be interested in you as a speaker?

Greg Stewart

Garr - any plans for Melbourne in the forseeable future?

Ric Dragon

Just wondering - is the solution to make better powerpoints, or maybe just to throw it out altogether. Recently, in a pitch, a colleague suggested that in Powerpoint, you turn off the lights - and miss the eye contact. He advocated for printed boards.

I'm a powerpoint junky... but I'm giving this some serious consideration.

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