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April 27, 2010


Sam Greene

I saw a pro corn syrup commercial the other day - "You're in for a sweet surprise!".

The industry is fighting back.

Anke Tröder

thank you for going that way, garr.

at http://see-conference.org in Germany about a week ago, andrew vande moere from http://infosthetics.com talked about persuasive visualizations.

in a workshop afterwards we agreed that that is one of the great opprtunities for good visualzations: changing peoples’ behaviour.

understanding the numbers we live by is empowerment.

Fred E. Miller

Thanks, Garr!

The goal of all communication: Visual, Written, or Spoken is the same. We want the recipient, as quickly as possible to 'Get It!'

They may not agree with everything we present.

They may not agree with anything we present.

But, unless they 'Get It!', there can't be a meaningful discussion going forward.

Your Post - I 'Get It!'


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