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May 21, 2010



Thank you. I think we all need to ear that kind of mantras again and again, real people, real stories that we can identify with. At least I do. I am facing that "make(made) a decision" hurricane with all its ups and downs. And yes, I'm supported by the ones who love me and care about me, but also by all these stories. She's right and this is one more mantra for me that goes in the same direction of inner determination : We need to create our own future, we can't wait passively for hapiness to come and find us.


Thank you very much for posting this talks!

"this 8-minutes talks" links doesn't work...
but I saw the short version and it's really inspiring,
it's remins me the "Ikigai" word:
"the reason for wich you wake up every morning"
(by the way, that post was also very good"
http://bit.ly/cCErnk )

thank you again!

Jonathan Thomas


You're absolutely right about how we perceive ourselves to be and how it need not dictate what our future holds.

It was your blog/book/presentations that changed my life, motivating me to embrace the art of presentation design, from authoring a blog to eventually starting my own consultancy and meeting you in person at Presentation//Reboot. It also started me down the road of social media and into my current (full-time) job.

I didn't know exactly where my career was going, but I knew I was talented enough to take it somewhere, and when I found that "somewhere" I embraced it wholeheartedly.

It's actually crazy to think that 18-year old children are asked to decide what their "major" should be, and ultimately what they think their career will be. Usually you only find out what you DON'T want to do. But I digress...

I have yet to watch the videos but I certainly will. Thanks for everything Garr.

PS - You have a lot of spam comments going here. Hopefully you can sift through the mess.

Jon Thomas
Presentation Advisors

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