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Jazz: the ultimate in naked communication

Appearances in London & Paris in June 23-25

After a few days in Zurich, I will be in London most of next week and then moving on to Paris for a presentation there on Friday. Most of the business is in private companies, but there are three public events — two in London and one in Paris. I hope you'll be able to attend one of these events in England or France.

London_slideJune 23: Apple Store Regent Street
7:00pm - 8:00pm in the theatre.
Presenting on design fundamentals to improve your keynote presentations. iPhone is out the next morning so there will be a real buzz in the store that night.
June 24: Waterstones Booksellers, Piccadilly  Basement Bar, 8:00pm - 10:00. Signing books and having a pint or two. Map.

Paris_slide June 25: La Comédie Saint-Michel,
4:00 - 7:00pm. I'll be presenting on the idea of presenting naked for a cool little evening event called "zen & the art of the pitch." The first presentation that evening will be "Pitching for Success" by Laurence Onfroy, who was voted New Entrepreneur Of The Year 2010 by readers of “Le nouvel entrepreneur” magazine. After that Pierre Morsa will deliver a presentation called “Death by Twitter: how social media can kill your talk – and how to avoid it." The event includes a reception right before my presentation; this is a really good networking opportunity in Paris. Information in English. Information in French.
Get your tickets here.



Any idea how one reserves for the Apple Store event? doesn't seem to be an option at the site. does this mean invitation only, or something?

Adrian Godong

+1 with Jeremy. Would love to come, but how do I register to the Apple Store event?


??!! When are you in Zürich? Are you presenting anywhere while you're there?

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