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June 15, 2010


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Michelle Barry Franco

I am such a huge fan of Presentation Zen and recommend it to all of my clients and students - those slide images you have above perfectly illustrate why. People are inclined to create the ones on the left until they see the powerful difference in the ones on the right. I think people assume they need more design "skill" than they actually need to create slides that truly amplify their presentations (not to minimize the value of design skill in presentations - it's a true and large advantage.)
It is your images of the hotel room and the restaurant sign that really made me drop my jaw, though. That's one of those things I've been feeling for a long time (the dullness of so many hotel hallways and the strange attraction to simple designs without an ability to explain why), it is really cool to have such a great explanation for that experience.
Thanks for a really useful post.

Chuck Arnold

An excellent posting. I appreciate the "whack to the back of my head" to remind me of what I already knew intuitively. My designs have become very stale lately; and I've been wondering why. I'm pretty sure you've helped me find my answer.

I've also captured the beautiful and asymmetrical photograph of tatami mats to use for my work desktop; a wonderful reminder to show reverence for every moment. It has a feeling of what you see when you're sitting in seiza and bowing.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on asymmetry and how important it is to keep an eye on everything around us.It will help me with my work. Greetings from Argentina

Jim Dickeson

I like both

asymmetry and emptiness.

Actually, asymmetry is practical.

Symmetry fights against you.

Plant shrubs symmetrically
on each side of a walk.

One under-performs, or dies.



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