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July 12, 2010


Ben Decker

Fantastic post Garr. We've been showing Hans for years - and really emphasizing his energy and how he shares data. If only everyone could match his enthusiasm.

Keep the tips coming, we'll continue to transform business communications soon!

Thanks Garr.

Simone Brunozzi

Very interesting, Garr, thanks for sharing.

katie ledger


thanks for the ideas sharing. Hans is great and some real thought has gone into this presentation. Ikea features heavily in your presentation philosophy too - remember your suggestion to look at IKEA billboards for design thoughts! thanks again Katie


Brillant. This analog reinvention of his famous presentations shows that the man is truly an exceptional teacher.

I want to nuance one thing you said: "The point is not to do it like Hans or even to use Gapminder software."

I see where you're coming from, but I'd like to quote Edward Tufte from memory in response: find good examples and copy them. If you want to talk about distribution or multivariate trends over time, it's probably good enough to copy Hans Rosling than to try to reinvent it. What are the chances to come up with something as good?


what a great and smooth presentation ... amazing


Indeed, the presentation is fantastic. But can you please correct the commentary so it talks about the bottom 2 _billion_ instead of 2 million? We're talking about a _lot_ of poor people here!


thanks for posting this pre-zentation (or is it a post-zentation).

i'm an internet marketing specialist, meaning i deal with data and numbers mostly, and sometimes expect everyone to have the same understanding of the data that i have (obvious problem). and recently i gave a presentation for a website audit (using data to make the website more efficient). and i had allot of trouble explaining this data to the non-techy client. in retrospect, using a visual the way hans did would have help break down communication issues, and in the future, i am going to try something similar.


Drive Research

Data visualization is key, especially in market research. Thanks for sharing this. Always looking for new ways to find interesting ways to present similar data in new ways to help clients grasp key takeaways.

- George

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