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August 05, 2010


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Friedman's Ghost

I know at the University level many schools stress 'teamwork' or collaboration. I know there are group projects at High Schools but if it is being implimented correctly might be at question. Same holds for colleges actually.

As a University administrator it seems more and more students are simply interested in taking their "major courses" and not so much the "general ed" stuff. If you look at some of the for-profit schools some have all but eliminated courses outside the major.

I think there needs to be more of an effort to show students the interconnectedness (is that a word?) of the various academic disciplines.


Oh wow, what an awesome message. I had to play that twice, thinking to myself how can I use this information in the classroom or share with other educators to influence their students.

I especially love the idea of "Plus it" in respect to both innovation and collaboration.


maybe the education systems are in place, but the right teachers aren't. Or no one has explained WIFM to the students.

Thanks for the video. You always have great info. :)

Kız Oyunu

I think there needs to be more of an effort to show students the interconnectedness of the various academic disciplines.


I wholeheartedly agree with Friedman's Ghost. I think a different way of saying the same thing is more of us need a classical education that goes beyond the boundaries of a specific discipline. Many of our colleges have turned into technical schools of a sort.

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