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September 24, 2010



Really nice! ... But I have to wait the French release...

TJ Walker

Beautiful packaging! And the video shows it off nicely.

Zoe G

Looks awesome but interestingly although you filmed your video on your iPhone I can't watch it on mine. : (

Charles Martineau

So cool! Why am I such as sucker for some sort gift box like this? I'll get mine from amazon canada but its going to take a while before I get mine because amazon canada is always late compared to the U.S. but worth the wait!!!


really nice looking...my only question is...since its an 'on the go' kinda thing...shouldnt the pencils be sharpened

Jude Rathburn

Hi Garr. My Bento box came in the mail earlier this week along with Nancy Duarte's new book Resonate! - it was like having two holidays all at once. The box is beautiful - I am going to give them as prizes to my students who produce the best PZ-inspired presentations this semester. Great job, once again!

Jude Rathburn

I just posted some tips on how I am using Presentation Zen in my business courses - if you are interested, please visit my blog at http://4edtechies.posterous.com/presentation-zen-bento-box

Ellen Egan


This is fantaastic for so many reasons:
1. Beautiful and inspiring presentation of the box.
2. Really useful materials inside
3. The sketchbook is great for helping people to storyboard in a useful way.

Thank you

Rémy Fringant

Is this beautiful box will be available in French?
I am using "Presentation Zen", "slideology" books all the time, but I am not very fluent in "English" :(

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