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October 28, 2010



You could add a few more aikido principles:

Awase - blending with your audience. This relates to going with the flow.

Sensen no sen - The founder of aikido said: “It is not a question of either ‘sensen no sen’ or ‘sen no sen.’ If I were to try to verbalize it I would say that you control your opponent without trying to control him. That is, the state of continuous victory. There isn’t any question of winning over or losing to an opponent. In this sense, there is no opponent in aikido. Even if you have an opponent, he becomes a part of you, a partner you control only.”


Excellent, Ellis. Good points indeed. Thanks! -g

Mike Sporer

What an outstanding article, and just what I needed today, Garr.....Thank you!!!!!


This is an excellent post! As a project manager, those principles are truly powerful when confronted with hostile stakeholders that want to to derail your project (or seem like it anyway). Thank you so much!

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