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October 04, 2010


Nancy Duarte

You crack me up. GREAT review Garr. Really appreciate the recommendation.

Anne-Caroline Tanguy

Hi Garr,
What would you recommend, reading slide:ology first or both books can be read independtly? Best



I recommend Resonate first as slide:ology is more about design and creating great visuals, etc. First comes ideas and story creation. But it really does not matter -- we enjoyed Star Wars out of order, right?

I really love Resonate. Applications go beyond presentations really.


Is Resonate, relevant to written stories? Or is it solely focused on presentations?

Miguel Angel Guisado

Thank you very much, Garr!
I will not wait for the translation to get it...it takes always so long!
Regards from Spain
MA Guisado

Daniel Decker

Thanks for the review on this. A client of mine has been reading this book and suggested it to me. I think I'll pick up a copy for myself and a few for others I know as well.

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