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October 07, 2010


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Illiya Vjestica

Awesome blog post Garr, these tips are brilliant. I would also add if your going to start your presentation with PUNCH, then the supporting slides as such should be bold and really add to the connection with your audience, much like the examples you have designed above.


I started a training on business model innovation with the question who played Lego when he was a child. Almost everybody put up his hands, and everybody had a frown on their face "what's he asking now?" (Unexpected, make it Personal). Then I told them that I played with Lego (Personal) and that if Lego in the eighties was the Lego company as we know it now, I could have made some money. Result: even more frowns, and everybody was interested :) (Challenging). To keep everybody's attention, I told them I would explain what I meant with that statement during the hour to come.

Never had a better evaluation than on this training.

Thanks for all the tips Garr!

Kanstantin Kachanouski

PUNCH - it is so easy to remember :) Thank you very much, Garr!

Allan W.

Great post Garr, sharing this with some presenters I work with.

Note: Some of the images in the post aren't wrapping the text around them, and are obscuring the words. The "float:right" style isn't working for some reason.


Allan, I tried everything to get fix the alignment wrap around but nothing works. It's a bug in Typepade for this post I guess. When I fix it it just pops up again for a different photo. You must be using Safari? It looks OK on FireFox, etc. Thanks!

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