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November 11, 2010


Mike Sporer

We encourage kids to get "the right answer". Instead, we need to encourage them to continue asking the right questions. School should be the place where mistakes are built upon, not frowned upon!

I look forward to your next post.


I'm not so sure. Ever ask a kid about a movie he just saw? "It was really cool, there was this man? and he had a car that went really fast? and then this dog came in and bit this girl and it was REALLY funny and then he got shot? but he didn't really get shot because it was a fake gun, and then ..." [question marks might just be a local intonation thing.] You get the picture. Somewhere along the way, the art of summarising becomes a really important social and business skill. One they typically teach in schools. Imagine how much worse business presentations would be if business people explained their businesses the way kids explain things.

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