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January 06, 2011


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Charles Martineau

I heard about this story late last night and I, like everyone, I was blown away. I live in a part of Montreal where is very lively but where there is a lot of homeless people. I will not look at them from now on the way I used too. No matter what is the reason behind why they live in the street I am sure they all have an hidden gem of talent.


Nice Story..... Just about today the guy made it today into spiegel.de. So in the meantime the story jumped over the Atlantic. Thumbs up.

Félix Arenas

Garr, thank you for bringing this up. Some of us have a low tolerance for internet viral video. Too much cutesey fluff out there to waste time on. If it had not been here I would have never listened to the whole story. The people in Cleveland truly have a wonderful organization in the Cavaliers. Again, thanks for highlighting the power of one person making a difference.

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