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March 15, 2011



I'm sending good thoughts to you and the people of Japan. Take care!

Anita James

Glad to hear that you and your family are OK!

Leigh Elliott

Hi Garr, glad to hear you and family are safe. Also thanks for the tip about iTunes providing donation service, will check it out.

gail m. murphy

Be safe Garr, we send loving thoughts to you and everyone in Japan.

Don't forget 'Doctors without Borders' .. Give to these doctors and nurses that are first responders to medical needs of the world.


You have been an inspiration to my work as a teacher, my thoughts are with you in this truely testing time. Stay safe, glad you and your family are well.


Thanks Gail. Yes, I think 'Doctors without Borders' are coming here. Thanks, everyone.

BTW, We just had an earthquake between Tokyo and here in Nara. Not near Sendai. Scary times, the earth seems unstable right now.

John Zimmer


Wishing you and everyone in Japan quick and safe passage through this difficult time and happier days ahead.

Below are two links for your readers: the first for donations via other reputable organizations; the second is Google's very useful resource page for the Japan earthquake and tsunami.



John Zimmer

Sorry. Here is that second link: http://bit.ly/fHPZ9W



Here's another group that gets just a little more out of the donations than the Red Cross. LDS Humanitarian Services is usually among the first on the scene and the LDS Church absorbs the overhead cost, meaning that 100% of all donations go directly to those who need it.
Thanks for what you are doing. I hate to see this happen to a country I love so much!


Hi Garr,
I've been tuning in to your blog, writings and works for years.. it's always inspiring to read presentationzen > your advise on life, composition,.. i shall carry it with me for the rest of my life.

I pray for safety of You and your family.

wm/ malaysia

Jim Dickeson


The pain is shared by every decent person here on Earth. Good to hear from you since Friday.

Nara! I've never been to Japan (shame, will change soon), but my wife's family is in the Kobe/Osaka area.


Prayers your way.

Roger C. Parker

Dear Garr:
Thank you for taking the time to update your friends and followers around the world.

I immediately thought of you when I first learned of the earthquake last week.

What a terrible event.

Anja @eyesonnature

So pleased to hear you and your beautiful family are safe. We are only just coming to grips with the earthquake in Christchurch. What is happening in Japan is beyond comprehension. The people of Japan are in our thoughts and prayers. - Anja (Wellington, NZ)

Brendt Evenden

Dear Garr,
Glad to hear you and your family are safe and well.
Like many around the world watching the devastation in Japan we sit and feel helpless, looking at the faces of those who have survived and being barely able to comprehend the magnitude of suffering being experienced in Sendai and elsewhere. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them and we will do what we can financially.
A natural disaster like this reinforces in me the very real notion that we are all on this world together, that superficial ideas and differences like "race" are a myth and, most of all, that we are all suffering sentient beings needing compassion and support.
Be strong Japan, the people of the world see you and hear your pain.


Why is the title in chinese?

Jerry Weissman

Hi Garr,

So very glad that you and your family are safe. How devasting it is to see the human tragedy that has befallen your chosen home.

All my very best,



While I don't want to downplay the tragic nature of the event, it is also an opportunity to be creative. They now have a new once in a lifetime chance to start from scratch in rebuilding. A perfect platform for creative thinking. I actually wrote an article about it here:



I've been told that the Japanese culture has much "songen"... meaning dignity and strength in times of trouble.

Praying for all of Japan's residents. There are small miracles within the horror... I've heard several stories of children and adults being found alive after days of being trapped.

Peace and love..... om shanti, metta, om mani padme hum _/|\_

orjin krem

Be strong Japan, the people of the world see you and hear your


Our thoughts and prayers are with you all

David Hughes

Hi Garr,

You may not have seen but here are a couple of communities working to support Japan - www.runjapan.com and www.tri4japan.com

Thoughts are with everyone....

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