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March 05, 2011



My fear of public speaking dissolved greatly after taking several Spanish classes. As part of the classes, we had to give presentations in Spanish. Now, anything in English is a piece of cake!

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I was quite and intravert person until one day I had to be a regular public speaker due to my job requirement. I was extremely scared that I would screw it up. But now I can not see what the fuss about and sometimes can not seem to stop talking. So jump right in it and do not hold back. Great advises by the way. I did not mean to steal your post.

John Dawson

Les is exactly right about fears of not connecting, going blank in front of 500 pairs of eyes. But you are missing a key ingredient to tackling public speaking nerves.
And strangely its quite simple.

Speakers are normally still using standard conversational skills - they are looking for approval from people's faces (like a normal conversation - smiles,nods etc). But the audience does not listen in that way. They are just part of a crowd. Audiences very often have blank faces. Speakers are not getting the normal signs of approval - so they think they are boring, no good, failing in some way. But its just a clash of modes - speaker in conversational mode and audience in group mode. You need to work on developing new skills to not over-read faces in the audience. You need to work from the point that Blank faces are normal. Full stop. And you can learn these skills very easily. Once people understand the different skills you need a lot of the fear disappears. We have normalized blank faces and are not looking for approval all the time. As a speaker you end up doing a lot less work and a lot less overthinking
I run 40 courses a year for people who are fearful of public speaking. I'm happy to explore this more if you want.
I love your work and your naked presenter is a great book
Of course my thoughts are with the people of Japan- thanks for the information about donating.

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