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May 18, 2011


Todd Fong

Thanks for the great reminder, Garr. Your reference to Dreams Come True really hit home because I realize what a powerful, positive force Miwa Yoshida is as a performer and much of that power comes from her authentic joy in performing.


In Islam, smile is an alms..its like when we smile to others we encourage and give bless to them..

Fred E. Miller


In my presentations I refer to a Smile as a Non-Physical Hug. When you give one, you get one right back.

This is why I picked www.Smiletrain.org to receive a portion of all my Book Sales.

Thanks for the Post.


Because in space by destiny, we meet, because we have become a sincere, lie between screen friend, a blessing, a kind of worry, is our constant theme in space to stay, you belong to me the mind's footprints, stay in your room, that is from the sincere regards, I wish you a happy, happy every day..


Nice post. Smiling, especially during your speech really helps you and your audience. I tend to be more relaxed when i smile more while speaking.

Tabata timer

Im from Finland and my opinion is that people in my country do not smile enough. I think the foreigners will get a negative image from us because of the lack of smiling.


Dale Carnegie, Guy Kawasaki, and other experts in the art of getting people to like you all talk about smiling. But the need to have that concept repeated so often shows what trouble we have with doing it. It seems so simple, too. The trick, I think, is keeping it in the forefront of your mind until it's a habit. I've been working on this lately. Thanks for the reminder, Garr! :^)

John Zimmer

It's been said that a smile is the shortest distance between two people. It is a simple, powerful and appreciated by audiences. Unfortunately, too many speakers fail to avail themselves of this most human of actions. Thanks for the post, Garr.


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