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June 14, 2011


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Dortch Mann

Fantastic...and well-timed for me!

Al Pittampalli

What an amazing metaphor, Garr. I'll remember it. And I might add, I can't believe how much your delivery has improved after recently seeing your Google talk (in which your delivery was already pretty good). 3 years of practice and you're a rock star!


Thanks for your comments. And yes Zach, I think everyone knows that bamboo is not "tree" in the strict sense at all. All the myriad forms are indeed placed in the grass family. And yes, the roots do not go deep compared to a tree -- in fact in our back yard you can even see some of the exposed roots. The rhizome-root systems are however very strong (they'd have to be to keep a 100-foot bamboo up in strong wind). This does not change the point, but what I should have said is be "firmly rooted" or something similar. Cheers! -g


I really like the bamboo grove, especially like inside the inside of the bamboo feel atmosphere.I like green things, because the green give a person a kind of very pure and fresh feeling.And the very big role, often use bamboo in daily life can use it.
Fleet Management


Ok, it's all great and you're surely charismatic with all those proper and funny jokes... But tell me in what way bamboo is always ready for action?! :) What action?! :)


I think point number 8 is an interesting one. We tend to be impressed by things that are complex but it is actually much harder sometimes to come up with simplicity.

If more people sought simplicity then the world would be a very different place.


Hi Garr,

Thanks for the great post & insight. I'm especially fond of point #4. I find it's really easy to get caught up in constantly creating & curating content and without even realizing it losing my direction. My brain has been so full of ideas that I decided to take a few hours of physical labour (without any distracting noise/music/podcasts) to clear my head and put the ideas in order & perspective.


I love it! What Font are you using in the presentation?


The romaji fonts are American Typewriter and Akbar (the handwritten look). Kanji is GungSeo Cheers! -g

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