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June 06, 2011


Geoff Brown

Thanks Garr. This is an extremely timely post for me as my own father is suffering from an illness and his time is limited.

It's a strange period with mixed emotions and have no idea what I am going to feel ... I just know I need to spend as much time with him as I can.

Your words and personal reflections have helped me greatly.

I've beea long time follower of your blog Garr and you are one of my 'distant teachers'.

Warm Regards, Geoff


Thanks Geoff very much. All the best to you and your father and family. Take care, -g

Tom Byer


This is a wonderful post by you, thanks for sharing it with everyone. Renee just emailed me this morning asking me to have my two little boys send get well cards to our Mom who is ill right now. So this especially hits home for us!

Thanks a million!

Jan Schultink

This series of personal blog posts has given her a permanent presence for the centuries to follow.

charles r. hale

Wonderful story, Garr, particularly bringing your daughter to your mother. Very touching.
Yes, we need to say we love them in the living years.
Charles R. Hale


This got me very teary. I'm glad you shared it.


My mother passed away unexpectedly 3 months ago today. Your post and the beautiful song brought me to tears in a good way.

Derek Z

A most meaningful and personal story to share - thank you.

John Zimmer


Very poignant, very personal, very moving. And, as with your other posts, a pleasure to read.

You said that this was not a post about presentation and, of course, it wasn't. It was about something much more important. Still, all presenters and public speakers can learn something from it.

You showed us a very personal side of your life. You were not afraid to expose your emotions to us. And that is what makes the post so special. It is the same with speaking in public.

Those speakers who are prepared to take the risk of showing some emotion (properly measured and balanced) will almost always build a stronger bond with their audiences than those who don't. True, you go out on a limb when you expose yourself like that ... but that's also where the sweetest fruit is.

Thanks again for a great post and a great blog.



I rarely (ever?) comment on this blog even though I have been reading it for years.
But I just wanted to tell that you that my own mom passed away on June 5th, 2009 so I really do relate to what you're writing here and want to thank you for sharing.
And it's so true that it's not the end of relationship. Also very true that physically being with a parent when they leave this world is such an important experience.
I haven't got kids yet, I do feel sad that when I have children they'll never know their grandma - particularly as I had a fantastic relationship with my own grandma too. But there are pictures and memories and story to pass to the next generation.

Simon Knight

Thank you for sharing

Jami Garrison

a truly beautiful post. thank you for sharing this. so much love and emotion in your written word. Your mother is a true inspiration.


I don't think you are imagining your mother's presence. After my father's death, I felt his presence at times as strongly as if he were standing next to me. I truly believe that we are given a choice after death and that some people choose to linger near their loved ones for a bit before moving on to what ever is next. To comfort us... or for reassurance themselves. It's hard to say.

Thank you for this post - it was very touching.

Wes Roberts

Dear Garr...

Thank you for sharing your life with us in this way. I, too, am from Oregon (now living in Colorado), and liked seeing pics of you running at Cannon Beach...a favorite place of ours.

At 70yo I am entering a new phase of my work in mentoring developing leaders around the globe...most excited and challenged...and loving the moments. Your work, and Nancy Duarte's has taken me to a new level in my work...mentoring...teaching...presenting. Thank you. If ever you are in the Denver area, I would welcome the opportunity of conversation.

I would, with a warm tenderness from your remarkable stories here about your mother, suggest that you are encouraging design and creativity when you are encouraging the paying attention to relationships...even between your daughter and your Mom. Relationships just don't happen...without design from deep in one's soul. You have encouraged us all.

Thank you and blessings abundant to you and yours.......



Based on your experiences and opinions expressed herein, you should also become an advocate of the Parentless Parenting author and community. I lost both of my parents in the last year, and my in-laws in the early 2000's. I have a very similar experience (and wish I had the photo!) of my mother-in-law with my 13-month-old son trying to play with her on her hospital bed toward the end. She loved her grandkids SO much. It is even hard for me to read your article without losing it. I never knew my grandparents, and now my children won't either. It is very sad and difficult.


Thanks, Wes. And everyone else as well for your comments. Much appreciated. -g

 ABC Acai Berry

what a moving story.

Bianca Melantonio

Soooooooooooo beautiful. Its makes me crying.

Michael Miello

Hi Garr. I just landed on your website after a trip to the Grand Canyon and the new itch to show my friends/family through a nice presentation.

This particular post is really incredible. At least 5 of my friends really enjoyed it!

Domo Arigato Gozaimashita!!

laser hair removal Tokyo

Nice reminder of what's really important: family, friends and relationships. It's amazing how much time we spend worrying about stuff like work and wasting time and then, at the end of our lives, we'll probably just wish we'd focused on what was really important.

Do something today to make the people in your life feel special and feel that you love them as they are.

web design stoke on trent

Nice post, Garr.

I'm happy that you had a great relationship with your mother - that's precious. And I'm sure she's both proud of you and what you've achieved, and happy that you remember her with such love and affection.

You even resemble each other quite a bit ;)


Thank you for this post. I've purchased your books and they're fantastic. I recommend them to my clients and students on a regular basis. I've never posted on your blog but I had to today. Your words are so moving and your message is so beautiful.

Your daughter will treasure that wonderful photo with her grandma. Your mom will live on in the loving stories you'll share with your daughter and every time your hear yourself say some expression you swore you'd NEVER say. "As long as you live under my roof..."

Take care and be well,
Jill Wesley


Wow...what a moving story.


So touching thank you : )

John J

You have some really nice articles here my wife and I enjoyed reading some of them very much however this one really hit me the most, Thank you,

John J

I got this from above, in my heart I feel that it is so true for all of us..

Nice reminder of what's really important: family, friends and relationships. It's amazing how much time we spend worrying about stuff like work and wasting time and then, at the end of our lives, we'll probably just wish we'd focused on what was really important.

Do something today to make the people in your life feel special and feel that you love them as they are.

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