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September 17, 2011


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good presentation esp. the diagrams but very misleading, even atkins died of coronary issues

Björn Hellström

Atkins slipped on ice an died from "blunt impact injury of head not from his diet. In fact the low carb high fat called LCHF are much more than mere Atkins diet and is also based on not eating processed foods instead of pure natural food. And it's based on scientific studies.


First of all, Will, this presentation is not about Atkins. Secondly, Dr. Atkins (since you bring him up) did not die of coronary disease. He slipped on the ice and died of head trauma at age 72. Here's the article (or just use Wiki):


How is the presentations by Dr. Eenfeldt misleading? And how is your short comment *not* misleading?


Hmmm, looks like THE most misleading slide is actually the very first one shown. :) But the addition of the obese character to second slide has great impact! The lack of data in the first map slide makes it rather weak, and the legend appears to change between the first and second map slide.


I think this is a great example of a speaker who designed his slides to be so strong (compelling) that they tell a clear story without his voice. Whether you agree with his facts, this approach to presenting is effective and engaging. Well done.

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