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October 31, 2011


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I just want so say that your work never ceases to amaze me. Someday when I'm a well known world class speaker I'll remember every lesson from your blog and your book. Thanks Garr.

Jim Dickeson

Wow! PowerPoint in analog!

Geetesh Bajaj

Such an awesome analogy, Garr -- in those days of little electronic distraction, the Kamishibai artists used the five principles you mention -- imagine if those principles work for presenters in today's distracted world, then they must have been magical at that time! Sure that some children of the time (who may be much older today) remember the lessons they learned from the Kamishibai performances vividly. Thank you so much for this thought-provoking post.

Jean-François Chénier

Some great points about visual design and storytelling – I particularly like the observation that visuals can bleed off the edge. Not only does that give you more real estate to focus on the important detail, it subtly engages the viewer, as he or she needs to fill in the missing parts.

Interesting to stumble across this as I posted a video about kamishibai lessons for storytelling last week, which made some different points. If you're interested, it's at:

mike fladlien

I am a teacher and this can be applied to teaching. As I say, facts tell stories sell.

keynote Speaker

Great post! I definitely see how these aspects, put together will create a great presentation that will draw your audience. Thank you! I'm going to apply some of these to my next keynote speech.


What a great find, Garr. Who better than Steve Jobs to share the power of Differentiating Values - and at the point that changed Apple from a troubled company to the greatest brand on earth. Thanks for sharing.

Army Bases

Thanks to Presentation Zen I have created plenty of stunning presentation while I haven't had any other practical experience on working with design elements but i can still manage to impress people with my presentations.

Thanks for your huge contribution to my daily routine work which involves presentation creation

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