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October 11, 2011



Great post! Thanks for highlighting Steve Jobs' key moments that illustrated communication skills.

Charlie Clark

Garr, while I think you are right to point out Steve Jobs' strengths, especially his focussing on what experience can be sold the customer - history has proved him right over and over on this - I think there is also a weakness in his willingness to elide and apparently demote technology.

Indeed there is a tendency to think only if we present like Steve Jobs (and by implication not like Bill Gates) will we get our message across. What do we do if we need to talk about technology? Apple can only sell cool gadgets if someone actually creates the technology on which they run. Of course, Jobs was also a master at spinning technology. I had an interesting discussion with someone over the weekend who was totally sold on the high resolution of the "retina" display, despite the fact that image resolution is not as important to humans as pattern recognition and movement - your own recent post about babies recognizing as a case in point. I guess I'm making two points - what do you do if you have a technical subject that you have to present on? Jobs was fantastic at giving values and names to technology sorting it into good technology (anything Apple was using) and bad technology (anything with numbers) but maybe occasionally missing out. I remember OpenDoc and think it would have fit very well into the mobile world except maybe for the fact that it was, well, open.

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Apple is very beautiful and useful I would recommend.

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inspiring lesson ....

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Steve Jobs was my Idol!


Thanks Garr, and man is this hard. Most of our market summaries start off with how big the market is, not how small we can make it with focus. Bright shiny things will be the death of us all.

Just a note to add to this thought:
The most valuable semiconductor company in the world does only one step in the process: ASML with Lithography
The most valuable solar company makes only one module: First Solar with CdTe tech.
The most valuable company in the world got there with only four products - each one done one at a time: an ipod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad.

Amazing when you think about how focus can lead to greatness.

Susan Rubinsky

@Charlie Clark, OpenDoc was not killed because it was open. It was killed because it was a product too early to market. If Steve Jobs learned anything from his early years, it was that most failed projects fail because the consumer is not yet ready for it. Being first to market is a death sentence because you waste a lot of time educating the public about it rather than selling it.

Imagine the wasted resources if Apple had kept it alive for the past 14 years until the market was ready for it.


Garr, these are great clips to illustrate your point on focus. Very helpful reminders personally as well. Thank-you sir.

Fred E. Miller

Both clips, and their messages, are outstanding.

Focus on the customer applies to speakers who should focus on the audience.

It's not about the speaker. It's about the audience, and when the focus is taken off them and put on you, the speaker, things go bad.

Thanks, for the Post, Garr!


Steve Jobs will be alive forever alive in our hearts and hands :-)

Pizza Tarifi

Steve Jobs... Great man.

Eric Lenhard

Steve Jobs...he changed my life. Nice videos, thanks.


He was a genious! He changed the life of every person!

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He truly was an inspirational man and an idol for many including me.

Great videos, thanks

keynote speaker

Great clip and a great article!


I would like to remind people that Jobs had more employees in China than in the US --genius but not perfect.

Motivational Speakers

I think Apple's a fantastic example of marketing done extremely well. Despite making similar products of identical parts, they've managed to amass a large cult following that are loyal to the core. That didn't happen by accident.

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