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January 10, 2012


Charles-Antoine Poirier (@chantoine & @increaz)

If you have a chance to read "Designing for growth" (http://www.amazon.com/Designing-Growth-Thinking-Managers-Publishing/dp/0231158386), it is likely you will add it to this 10+ books list.
Thanks for sharing those great titles (after having read half of them, I can confirm their value).

Dirk Haun

Great selection, thanks. I was about to ask you for recommendations for books about learning - (2) seems to cover that :)

I already have "Your Brain at Work" and "Gamestorming" sitting at home, waiting to be read.

"100 Things ..." is a great little book, that oddly seems to limit itself to an audience of (web) designers, when there's so much in there that everybody should know. And it can easily be digested, one "thing" at a time on the morning train ride to work.

Charles Martienau

I've read so many books that you have suggested in the past like the first one of Dan Roam, Daniel Pink, Duarte's books, Connie Malamed, Lidwell, and now you are suggesting even more interesting ones! I will have to read the first two for sure. As a PhD student, we need to be 110% focus to produce good research but man its soo easy to get distracted! I need to get more guidance and help on how to decrease the level of distractions!

Marc Salvia

Thanks for the recommendations. I'm always expecting your posts, but those linking to a mountaint of another information give me enough for a new year...

For a eleventh recommendation... "As we speak. How to Make Your Point and Have it Stick"

Jim Dickeson

Most books and blogs can be rated on a scale of 1 to 10, but this one goes to 11.

Craig Hadden - remotepossibilities.wordpress.com

What a list! Thanks for linking to so many video clips and other resources, too -- helps to see a sample before deciding whether to look for a particular title in a bookshop.

Another quick place to start is Ellen Finkelstein's 2-minute video that demos 4 good-looking slide layouts. (See http://remotepossibilities.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/learn-4-pro-slide-layouts-in-2-minutes/ )

Juie Dirksen

Garr -- thanks for including Design For How People Learn on the list. Presentation Zen is definitely one of the books that influenced both the style and content of the book when I was writing it, so I'm incredibly pleased to know that you found it useful.

- Julie Dirksen

Jeffrey Davis (@JeffreyDavis108)

Garr ~ This list looks stellar. I've promptly bought four of them. I've read and loved Roam's. I studied with Daido Loori years ago before he passed away and while he was finishing Zen of Creativity. I really appreciate this review. - Jeffrey Davis


Great list! Looking forward to hopefully strengthening our team with some of these! Number 1 looks stellar.

Locksmith Southampton

How do you find the time to read all these books, produce this blog AND work! I want to read YOUR book on time management!


Great stuff Garr!

Daria Smith

I read Your Brain at Work from David Rock, this is amasing book I reccomens everyone to read it!

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