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June 28, 2012


Jim Dickeson

What a pessimistic view of business and PowerPoint. McKee’s disenchantment with PowerPoint is as narrow, unimaginative, and uncreative as the way many PowerPoint users misuse PowerPoint. He’s blaming the tool, and not the way it is used.

I refuse to believe that PowerPoint and storytelling are mutually exclusive.


>>I refuse to believe that PowerPoint and storytelling are mutually exclusive.

Exactly right, Jim. Tools like ppt can be effective. Still in 2012 people think there is only one way to use tools like ppt. The struggle continues...

Thanks for your comment. Cheers! -g

Bruce Post

One of the traps Edward Tufte warns against is using just that term: Powerpoint presentation." You don't distribute a memo and say, "I want to hand out a Microsoft Word document, do you?" He emphasizes that Powerpoint/Keynote, etc., are nothing more than projection media.

That said, you still must have something compelling to say to get your point across, and that, as McKee would agree, is the point of telling a story.

Vanessa Saks

I personally agree that powerpoint can be overused or even dated.

However, tools are tools. Some may not be as effective with certain audiences and products/services.

It comes down to knowing who your prospect is. Do they respond well to Powerpoint presentations? Are they more visual? What type of information is being disseminated?

One cannot expect to sell the same way to everyone every time.


Wow. The Robert McKee video is so powerful. I really really really thanks for that. He is really the master of screenplay writer! :)

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