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July 27, 2012


Christina Vasbo

Great way to tell how to become creative. And finally, how to avoid getting creative people in your company. Ha ha nice humor. The English humor is very similar to Danish humor. I can see that clip is from Denmark with Danish subtitles. Really good post.

Phil Sorentino

WOW! As a Humor Consultant for 31 years, this is among the best stuff ever! Thanks
PS Put Phil Sorentino in your YouTube search and enjoy!

Julie Muller

I'm so happy to see that creativity can be detailed in this way. Creativity and humor have literally saved my working life! As a Business English teacher, I've taught some very stoic groups. Last year I was in Sudan teaching the Chinese. When they realized that one can laugh and have a good time while learning a lot of English, they relaxed and did the same. They came into the classroom everyday with a smile on their faces. Humor and creativity - it saves lives!!

Kris Reeds

Great video, I have a big problem with creativity and somehow this video is really a great help, thanks for sharing.


For me,indeed space and time are the most important things for creativity. Give me enough time and freedom, I can do almost any thing.

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