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March 09, 2013


Michael Gowin

I showed this video to the students in my presentation class just the other week. Great example of a simple, emotional, and moving presentation.

The video is all the more powerful to my wife and me since our son, K, also has OI, the same bone condition that Robby Novak has. K has just begun treatments to strengthen his bones and will likely end up with steel rods in his legs, just like Robby.

Thanks for posting, Garr.

garr reynolds

Thanks so much, Michael, for your comment. All the best to you and your son! Take care, g

Madeline K.

This article is very interesting. I like that Reynolds is encouraging variety and excitement in everyday blogging rather than the mindless and boring information that is usually written. Blogging is exactly what his headings were, essentially: excitement, starting a movement, becoming remarkable. The video for Kid President was not only touching but perfectly coincided with the article's mission: to inspire the readers/listeners to create something special.

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