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May 25, 2013


Simon Raybould

Hmmm..... I'd be slightly more impressed if there weren't a few boobs in it. For example, when talking about body cell replacement he suggests the errors build up 'exponentially'. They don't. They build up 'cumulatively'.

To build up exponentially the number of cells in error would have to change (increase) in a very specific sequence.


Joe Oviedo

This talks or subjects kind of make me wish for a simpler life. Sometimes I feel stuck in this goal-achieving-sales-results-entrepreneurial life I been leading. All thos places and people that he talks about I sense them like magical. My greatest example for longevity was my grandfather.. he lived that way, he lived til 87, walking, lots of friends in his home town, a huge garden, physical activity, very rigorous diet, and he counted the days for spending time with us, his grandchildren. :)

Reg Bull

I really loved this. I went to a program called Tignum and it was amazing the overlap here. They talk about the total integration of mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery from a performance perspective, a sustainability (longevity) perspective and a health perspective. The five things mentioned here are encapsulated in the very pragmatic tools and techniques they teach in each one of these. In fact, I think they are extremely tangible and pragmatic.

Interesting enough, they even apply their strategies to being a better presenter, negotiator, leader, entrepreneur and of all the presentation training I have ever attended the Tignum program was by far the best. They addressed it from the personal preparation perspective which I think is totally overlooked.

I'm a big fan because they changed my life. Thanks Guy for pointing me to this TED and for your blogs.


Really helpful explanation of what is important in life and the slide is great - thanks Garr.

P.S. Garr i am a father of two and I cheekily wondered if your simple. clean "Zen" lifestyle may be affected with the imminent arrival of loads of kid related paraphernalia :)

Best wishes,


perth florists

Great Ideas but those are challenging & inspired. It requires a lot of human potential to adopt these ideas in life.

Thanks for sharing...

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