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July 03, 2013



I have a 10 year old Keyspan PR-US2 type remote. It's not Keyspan, but its the same hardware. I like it, particularly for the mouse control. However, it doesn't have useful features like blanking the screen. Sometimes, you want people to look at you, not the funny picture you just showed.

The PR-PRO3 is my targeted replacement device. But the Genius ring presenter might win out. Thanks for the info!

Charles Greene

Thanks for the introduction to the Genius Ring. I'l try it out. I've used the Keyspan Easy Presenter. I like the volume control feature, but it has always felt a bit odd in my hand. My favorite is the SMK Link Wireless Presenter. It doesn't have a volume control. For me the ultimate control would have forward and back controls, a black screen key, volume control, and no laser pointer. Here a link to my video review of the Keyspan Easy Presenter and the Wireless Presenter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPjIgQ0b-5E


Thanks, guys. And yes, Charles, the black screen and audio controls are very important. I think the newer ring type has at least a black screen control. Great video - thanks for the video link. Cheers! g


Thanks for the post Garr. Interesting timing as a friend who is a university researcher has recently had some issues with clickers that don't reliably advance. She was looking for a recommendation of a more professional clicker for larger venues where it absolutely has to work.

We've used the Dsan clickers reliably at TEDx events for the last 4 years with very good results. Unless you're on tour, you'd probably rent these from a production company for those big, important events.
Perhaps others might find it useful to know this higher end alternative exists.

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