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January 20, 2014


Don Mirra-Commercial-Photography


Thank you so much for posting what I feel is the best piece on presentation anxiety I have ever read.

No matter how long you do it sometimes fear just jumps on your back. I gave a presentation two years ago to about 400 marines, as I walked on stage I was blow away at how full the auditorium was and how quite it was. You could actually hear a pin drop.

I snapped out of the paralysis by doing a couple of key things.

1. Took a deep breath held it in then slowly let it out.
2. Said hello and introduced myself as if we were old friends.
3. Said "wow there are a lot you out there! Please be kind if I look nervous.
4. Said what I felt about the material and how much they would enjoy this talk.

I went through my presentation without a hitch save a moment that I blanked and then just took stock in where I was in the story and picked up right away.

Warm Regards

Don Mirra

Eric de Rochefort

Hello Garr,

It looks like the link "the next day in this interview" is broken, can you give us a hint of where we can find the interview?



Eric, thanks for the heads up. Link is fixed now. It is a TMZ video (so it's a tad bit insufferable): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdEcRNSrJD4


Finally someone pointing out the importance of speaking from the heart. At least, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to talk about something you don´t believe in that should be an indicator for better preparation.
In any case, all my sympathy to Mr. Bay


Valid points about anxiety. For me, imaging them naked actually worked...Combined with the right diet of herbs.....

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