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January 10, 2014


Dan Leyes

You were a wise child Garr. I have come to believe the goal of life is to be happy and that we find happiness by helping others. But as a child I wanted to be a Beatle, and a professional baseball player! Being happy is actually a much more realistic goal. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Dan. Love the Beatles! :-) I wanted to be an NFL wide receiver, perhaps for the Dallas Cowboys :-)

Nick Morgan

Thanks, Garr, for sharing both your story and the story of this cool kid. Both beautiful, and I learned from both.


"It was my beautiful mother and a couple of caring, wonderful high school teachers who helped me learn to be resilient and that happiness was indeed a worthy lifelong pursuit. " Amazing quote. I borrowed it for my daily reminder email for my 3Minute Journal users, which I always preface with a quote about self-awareness, learning, etc. Thanks so much for sharing.

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