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March 21, 2014


Kertesz Julie

Yes! A toastmaster, Flavia Gordon, related this week how she fall and hurt her knee as kid in school. And did not stay down. Then, how a few month ago as her father died she become so depressed, she was in danger to loose her job. But she got out of it, and is still working there.

With her stories she got our heart and won the club contest too.

And yes, I have fallen and made mistakes so many times. Nowadays, a few month from 80 I am walking slower, but I give more live performances and make still lots of mistakes. Learn and go on.

Thanks for the wonderful article!


Hi Julie. You're an inspiration. You go, girl! Thanks so much for you comments and interesting Facebook posts! Cheers!

Mike Smith

One of the most inspiring books I've read about success Is Bounce! by Matthew Syed - its inspiring because it effectively debunks the idea of "talent." There is no such thing - it comes down to practice and, in particular, "purposeful practice". That is the willingness to go to the edge of your ability try, try and keep trying, not being content with simply being able to do. This ties in very neatly with Malcolm Gladwell's reporting of 10,000 hours practice - that's what it takes to become insanely good at something. And if you think that you can average about 1000 hours per year, then thats 10 years.

So... "failing"? That's what success is built upon and life is a precious and inspiring place to inhabit when you realise that. Find your passion, do it until it consumes you and not only will you love life, but you will be insanely good at it.


Bounce looks great, Mike. Just downloaded to my iPad. Thanks very much for that tip. Cheers!

Mike Smith

Inspired me to write this up as a blog :)


Thanks, Mike. Nice article.

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