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April 25, 2014



The same is true with video games. No amount of technical wizardry can save a game which has flawed gameplay.

In fact, many game designers will build a board version of their game first to discover or ensure that the basic dynamics of gameplay are enjoyable, because they feel that if the game isn't fun on paper, it won't be fun even after adding all the digital bells and whistles.


Hey Garr, I share your affinity for Pixar films. And behind the scenes stuff like this is almost more entertaining to me than their amazing movies.

Have you heard about Pixar-co-founder Ed Catmull's new book, Creativity, Inc? In it he shares lots of goodies like this about how they've managed to create such an amazing environment in which creativity can flourish.

Nancy's book, Slideology, awakened a desire in me to become a presentation designer, but Mr. Catmull's book makes me feel similarly about becoming a manager of a creative team or organization.


Wow - really appreciate how in-depth you got here, looking at the value and importance of the story. So many helpful reminders about the creative process... and that sometimes, you gotta scrap it and start again, because the story is the heart of it all.


Great post--the importance of story can never be overemphasized. This reminds me of a great TED talk by another Pixar legend, Andrew Stanton, about the story process and breaking the mold: http://www.ted.com/talks/andrew_stanton_the_clues_to_a_great_story


Thanks for the Tip about "Creativity, Inc." - that just came out so I missed it. It is GREAT. Got it on Kindle. Highly recommend it. Thanks for the tip.

Also, Ed Catmull has a good talk at The Stanford Business school - it's on Youtube. A dry speaker, but the stories and info are great!


Thanks Jennifer! Yes that is a good talk. I wrote about it a bit here on this site a couple of years ago:


Thanks again Jennifer. Pixar is a gold mine of advice and inspiration.

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