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April 17, 2014


Olaf Janssen

Thanks for sharing this, these are excellent checklists!

In the Good-list, can I add "Use of physical objects to illustrate (personal) story"

Martin Cohen

I agree that your talk should not repeat what is on your slides. However, when I have submitted a presentation for a symposium or conference, the only information available to them is the presentation itself, so it has to be complete in itself. They then require me to use that presentation, so that my talk has to essentially mirror my presentation.

What can I do about this?


A reply for Martin Cohen:

I have been in a similar situation, I submit the better version of the presentation that doesn't have all of the information in it. On one of the final slides, usually the one with my contact information, I include a link to the original paper (or a handout or some sort of explainer) so they will have access to the information as well. The abstract you submit with the presentation should have enough information for them to be able to make a decision. Otherwise, I would try to get into better organized conferences.
tl;dr: submit the best presentation and if they don't accept it, move along to a better conference.

Gihan Perera

Another option for Martin Cohen: Put the details in the Notes part of the slides, so the conference committee can refer to the notes for the details.

To be sure they read it, in addition to the slides, send them a PDF showing the slides + notes (You can do this from the Print options in PowerPoint).


I agree with Gihan's advice. Sharing the notes + slides with the participants have some benefits. You don't need to think your slides as it should contain all the speech, plus the conferences attendees can bring with them all the information containing in the notes. When printing in PowerPoint, you can also leave space to add notes, so this is a win-win approach.


You made a mistake on something. You said "Tdhe" when it should have been "The" on the large paragraph before the list of Good/Bad presentation. Very nice by the way!!

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