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July 09, 2014


Norah Colvin

Thanks for sharing such a great synopsis of Julian's talk. I like the explanation of how you used the video in your communications class. This is a very valuable post.

John Trenouth

The shrill talking heads of Fox News attract huge audiences exactly becuase they flamboyantly break all 7 of these rules.

Whether you agree or disagree with FN's politics, there is no denying the poweer and effectiveness of its communication.

So one could say these are the 7 things good communicators MUST do in order to persuade an audience.

photo retouching

I read your blog post on 7 things good communicators must not do & it was very informative.

Allen Gunderson

As I was watching Julian's talk, I thought about how this could be used as a teaching tool with my class and then came across your lesson as I read the rest of your post. That's a great lesson along with the entire post! I'll now be using your lesson with my class this fall. どうもありがとうございました!

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