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August 26, 2014


Storyteller Jens Peter Madsen

I like this personal story very much.
I work with personal stories at www.digitalstoryteller.dk
I´d like to get in cintact with ofter inspired by storytelling i digital medias.


Some excellent points. As a lecturer in Business Communication training presentation skills and business writing, I have just started exploring the world of storytelling in the original sense of storytelling. And I love it! We can all tell a story but being able to tell it to create a meaningful experience for the audience is not easy. That's why I took some storytelling workshops recently - and I loved it. I am definitely incorporating this into my classes. Thanks for sharing. The Moth looks like a good resource!

Clemence Lepers

George Dawes Green couldn't be more right.
People want to hear about what makes us breakable. We're all vulnerable because we all make mistakes. And in the end, it's much easier to talk about our successes than to identify our pain points and failures and communicate about them.

Kristen Lynch

These are all great elements of storytelling; as a communication specialist, storytelling is an important aspect of what I do. These suggestions are valued and I will definitely keep them in mind when developing stories in the future.

Ronn Thwaites

Great points raised. I always get clients to think about how they can tell astory to get their message across and connect with their audience - many thanks for sharing the information about The Moth

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