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June 03, 2015


Chuck Hinkle

If you find this book useful, another one on the same topic is Robert Levine's "The Power of Persuasion: How We're Bought and Sold." If I remember correctly, Levine and Cialdini were on the same team, at one point, studying persuasion and influence.


Thanks for the recommendation, Garr!
Just put this book in my Amazon shopping cart. Seems perfect for me right now: I've been discussing with a communicator friend of mine how we, engineers, are so bad at convincing non-scientists about our ideas. It boils down to the (kind of obvious) fact that we are not trained on how to communicate ideas effectively, which I believe is an incredible big piece missing in STEM education.
Climate change, vaccines vs autism, GMOs, etc. So many things in which we haven't been able to convince the rest of the world about how things truly work!
I've been trying to read as much as I can about the art of persuasion and storytelling, so this book fits perfectly in this list. Still, since I suffer from a severe case of "tsundokism" (https://twitter.com/openculture/status/603346383601410048 ), I believe this book will stay in my to-read pile for a time longer than I'd wish... >_<;


Thanks for the book suggestion, Chuck!


"tsundokism" is a great word! I have the same problem. We all need more time for reading - long, slow reading....

Markus Angermann

sounds like an epic book for my personal to-read list - thx for the recommendation!

Randy Bernstein

There are two very basic Principles of human behavior that depends he will be sold or not. Scarcity and Consensus. People like to have things which are rare even at inflated prices. And they would like to know what other people are consuming, the brand, the services, etc. This thumb rule applies to every single one.


"Yes!" looks like a great book - short chapters definitely make understanding it easier. Also a good advice for speeches!

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