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Presentation Zen: Beginnings

Welcome to day one of my blog at With this blog I hope to share my thoughts on virtually a daily basis concerning the issue of presentation design and delivery. My topics may range from multimedia, cross-cultural communication, graphic design, story telling and how embracing the concepts of simplicity, harmony, beauty, integrity can help you to be a far better presenter and an improved communicator in general.


Why PresentationZen?

Because something has to be done. The current state of business presentations is a disaster of mind-numbing ineffectiveness. I do not have to tell you this. PowerPoint, for example, lends its self to be misused and abused and most presenters fall into its trap. But multimedia or slideware (Powerpoint included) is not the problem. The problem is us. Many experts are trying to do something about this (Tufte at Yale, Cliff Atkinson at Sociablemedia, etc.). Please allow me to be another voice of reason.

Much more to come later. I am director of Design Matters, an Osaka-based design group and I need to attend that meeting tonight in the Apple Store. Also have a trip to Tokyo this week for some meetings. It is a busy time. But each week I aim to add insights and share tips (and even secrets) on how to look like, sound like — and ultimately be — a more professional presenter. — G


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