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PaulPresident and CEO of Intel, Paul Otellini, took the stage from host Steve Jobs during the WWDC keynote (discussed below) and had about 10 minutes to explain briefly why "Apple & Intel" was not a crazy idea. Mr. Otellini did a fantastic job of it. You can watch his short presentation if you scroll to the 48:00 minute mark in the QuickTime of Steve Jobs' keynote.

Mr. Otellini begins by stating that the best way to make his point is by telling a story. He then goes on to tell the story of two, great Silicon Valley companies. Many people may think that Intel and Apple teaming up is akin to Luke Skywalker joining the darkside. But as Mr. Otellini demonstrated, the match is not only mutually beneficial now but that the relationship actually goes back four decades to the beginning. In fact, Intel was an early investor in Apple. Yes, the competition was very heated over the years, but here in 2005, and looking far off into the future, the Apple/Intel partnership combines two giants with complementary strengths, according to Mr. Otellini.

As Mr. Otellini told his story, he used very simple slides which helped him illustrate his story. He even injected humor by playing the famous Apple TV commercial that shows a Pentium bunny person (what are those things anyway?) getting toasted by the faster Apple computers. Below I have included four screen shots which show his slides. Not a bulletpoint to be found...

     1_1        2_1

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