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On the lighter side

Pcweenies_pptSometimes slideware presentations are so inappropriate and off kilter that you just have to laugh to keep from crying (sleeping?). In the cartoon here you can see how the strip "PC Weenies" makes light of a situation many of us have been in far too often (click for larger image on their site). I've printed this cartoon and stuck in on my wall as a reminder to always ask myself: "Are my visuals really effective?" Are my visuals (paraphrasing Einstein) "...as simple as possible, but no simpler"? Or am I guilty of creating a big duck? Checkout PC Weenies for more on the lighter side of computer and technology.

Krishna M. Sadasivam, an animator/illustrator in the United States, is the creator of "The PC Weeneies." Go here to meet the characters in the strip.

Thanks to PC Weenies for sharing your talent.


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