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Guy_interview Here's a little bonus as a follow-up to the last post. This is another example of Guy Kawasaki, but not of the "stand and deliver" variety of presentation. This example is very different. Here Guy is having a one-on-one interview on stage with eBay founder, Pierre Omidyar, in a sort of "fireside chat with a friend" (watch the video). This video was shot five years ago at a Garage event in London. While the camera work and audio are not the best, I think Guy does a great job. And while Guy can talk on stage for hours all by himself, in this setting he is hardly talking at all. Appropriately, it is the guest who does most of the talking. Wonderful content and an excellent job of interviewing. Frankly, it is better than most of the stuff you see on the cable news networks these days in the U.S. I'd like to see Guy have a show where he interviews a different entrepreneur every week — kind of a "Charlie Rose of Silicon Valley" kind of thing. If not CNN, how about a podcast?

In the interview you'll learn Omidyar's responses to a host of different items. For example:

On rules to build your business buy
How to staff the right way
Finding the source for growth/buzz
On having a core set of values
On acquiring the right venture capital partners
On making mistakes
On staying motivated after the IPO
On attracting and retaining talent
The downsides of going public
Managing growth
How to stay motivated during maturity
On giving back to the community

Thanks to Craig Montgomery at Digressions for creating a wonderful summary of the key points in Guy's interview. Go read the rest of the summary on Craig's site. Excellent. You could print this out and give to your management students after you've watched the video in class.


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