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Steve Irwin: "Passion, enthusiasm push an educational message"

Steve_irwinWe were all deeply saddened to hear on the news Tuesday night that Steve Irwin was killed in a freak diving accident while filming off the Australian coast. Actually, I was floored when I heard the news. It's just unbelievable. Too sad for words. Our hearts go out to the friends and family of Steve Irwin.

I had long admired Steve and his wife Terri (a fellow Oregon native) for the wonderful contributions they've made to wildlife conservation and education. CNN called Steve "a TV presenter" and he was indeed a great presenter and teacher. Steve was a man of action and passion, no question about that. Believe it or not, some people even knocked him for his enthusiasm, but his passion was real. As Steve said, "...passion and enthusiasm helps push the educational message." Steve had plenty of that as well as a sharp mind and amazing courage. The world lost a very great man and a great teacher this week, and much, much too soon. We'll never forget you, Steve. Thanks, mate, for all you've taught us. You will always be an inspiration.

(Source for the Steve Irwin photo.)

One of Steve's fans made a nice little slideshow in tribute. You can see it on YouTube here along other videos related to Steve Irwin.


Any A. Mouse

Did Steve say, "Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push THE educational message." Or "Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push AN educational message."?

It is one way on the slide and the other in the text, and it makes a small difference. I think maybe the slide is the correct version.



Yes, the slide is correct. Thanks for catching that. Best, -G


Thanks for recognizing Steves contributions

ephraim ross

Everytime I'd see Steve Irwin on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet I'd think to myself "How is this man still alive?!" But it's terrible to see him go.

As a former public school teacher I have only ever met one teacher that had close to the enthusiasm of Steve. His name was Steve also, coincidentally. But his passion was infectious. It is not often in this country that you'll find students excited about their schoolwork, but Steve - with his Irwin-esque passion - inspired enthusiasm in his students and it took like wildfire.

When you watch it on tv it will almost by necessity have a artificial/production quality to it, but Irwin's energy was earnest. Isn't it sad that there are so few people as clearly excited about the work they're a part of as Steve Irwin? He wasn't an important role model for students. He was an important role model for the whole darn human race.

We'll miss you Steve.

Wayne Mansfield

Thanks for the comments and the great slide about Steve. Another great Aussie Dick Smith is in Nashville this weekend and says that he is overwhelmed by the affection of Americians for Steve Irwin and his work

Milan Davidovic

But hey, now we'll get to see more Ted Nugent:

Call Cruncher

Thanks for the tribute to Steve. I loved watching his shows and found that his enthusiasm for animals did make learning about them so much more fun for me. He will truly be missed.

David james

The untimely passing of Steve Irwin is a great tragedy. This has effected my family more than I could have imagined; he has been a great influence on myself and my two boys. The world will never be the same. In the past, I have dealt with this type of emotional pain through music. Being a song writer and composer, I have written musical compositions and songs to honour friends, family, and fallen heroes to ease the pain and commemorate the contributions they've made in life. Steve falls under the obvious catagory of "HERO." Please accept and share with the world this musical tribute in honour of the great "CROCODILE HUNTER" Steve Irwin.. WE LOVE YOU STEVE!!

David James

P.S. - You can visit me at: http;//
and download the musical tribute "THE MIGHTY STEVE"


I think steves deth is a huge loss to his fans and more impotant to the animal kingdom. I was a long time fan of Steve's show. You will be missed. R.I.P.
Crocs rule.

Allison F.

I have watched Steve and Terri Irwin for as long as I can remember since 1992. When I heared the news about Steve on September 4,2006, it sadend me a lot. I thought to myself, "How can this man be gone? He is my role model." Steve has done so many great things in his life, more then most people can accomplish in a life time.
Steve has pushed me to become a wildlife warrior as well. I am going to school right now to become a wildlife biologist. I am going to carry on his conservation messsage and I hope that it'll never die. Miss ya mate!!


you rock steve

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