Life as art practice (a glimpse of urban life in Kyoto)
Urban life: Graphic design is everywhere



LOL! Very common. Maybe clip art would help ;-)

Cristián Frenkel

Oh, yes!

I like how he's reading...

That's Zen


The translation is just as good as the visual presentation.

Gerold Braun

Hahaha - very good - the connecting headline. You made my day, thanks.

Richard Michie

What a great slide, does anyone know who designed it? I could do with thier help ;)


He's using an apple laptop, so it's probably a limitation of keynote ;)

Balaji M

A good example for emphasizing your principles.


Ill, I actually feel ill. I had people give me lectures like this previously. I am currently on a mission at work to bannish all clip art from presentation and have either flickr supported or taking our own decent images.


I just wanted to say that that presentation looks positively brutal! As someone who's had to endure my fair share of the same punishment, I really feel sorry for all the people sitting in that room.


That's a good presentation according to what I was taught in one of my senior college classes.

Yellow on blue has a lot of contrast and is easy to read, the sans-serif fonts are easy to read from the back of the room, and there's no clutter.

All the presentations I saw in this class looked like this one. Strangely, half the room slept through them.



Carlos Caicedo


Blue background + yellow and small fonts

I can read more fast than that guy.

Moses T

That's fantastic. It's slidumentation!!


Has this by any change gone through Google Translate! Woohoo, now we finally what the Chinese are thinking...


Andrej, I couldn't help pointing out that it looks like he is using the weird little orange laptop—almost certainly Windows ;) The Apple laptop looks like it belongs to the guy who has his head bowed in what is obviously sorrow at the Windows-guy's presentation!

Dean Baird

I understand that Keynote 4/iWork 07 will deploy an "automator" tool to electronically prevent slides like this from being created in Keynote. Authors who attempt it will experience a "kernel failure" and be forced to restart their computer. KN5 will expand this punishment to include an electric shock delivered through the keyboard's "e" key.

Anyway, the speaker here is NOT the Mac guy. The speaker (well, reader actually) is using some funky orange thing.

Heidi Miller

Yikes! Soooo painful to see!

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