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Colbert "clarifies" Cingular name change

It appears that Cingular will actually be rebranded under the AT&T name early this year. Was this clear to everyone who watched Stan Sigman speak during the Macworld keynote? Even after I watched his six-minute speech on stage I wasn't sure if Cingular was going to change its name to AT&T or not. I remember Mr. Sigman saying the deal with Apple "...lets Cingular be Cingular." (At least until they change their name to AT&T?). It really does not matter I suppose; there is no branding on the iPhone itself from Cingular (I mean AT&T...I think). Perhaps Cingular should have asked Stephen Colbert to come on stage and explain the Cingular AT&T deal. Stephen Colbert, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, did in 30 seconds what the Cingular CEO couldn't do in six minutes: make a clear, memorable point. (Watch Colbert video on YouTube). Yes, it's a satirical point, but a memorable point nonetheless.

Colbert could've made his point sans the use of any graphics, but this is a pretty good example of how graphics can enhance one's message. "The point" in this case was a gag, and of course the crude, old PowerPoint-like graphics fit the sardonic commentary well.

Cingular_1   New_att_1
Above left: Actual pic from Macworld keynote. Above right: How it may have looked if the Colbert graphics team worked on Mr. Sigman's slides.

This is not related to presentation, but below Colbert gives two "wags of the finger" to Apple and iPhone related to simplicity, complexity, and convergence. Well...sort of, but it's good for a laugh anyway.

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