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Seth Godin: Ideas that spread win

Godin_pic While going through the Greater Talent Network site I stumbled upon a great 8-minute sampling of a Seth Godin presentation. This is a classic Godin presentation that is delivered with good energy, great clarity, and augmented with simple visuals that support his point and even introduce a bit of humor. I think you’ll enjoy this clip, which you can see on YouTube as well.

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Slides from Seth Godin’s presentation featured on The Greater Talent Network.

Ben_cohenBen & Jerry
And speaking of “ideas that spread win,” here’s a short sampling of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (of Ben & Jerry’s Icecream) talking about how they got started in the business. Jerry starts off telling the story of their beginning. Ben chimes in later with the biggest pie chart I’ve ever seen. You can watch the video on YouTube as well.

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